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Natural Dead Sea Gourmet Salt

-   ABOUT US  -

Genesis Salt takes the world’s highest quality salt and brings it to your table with a novel twist – unique and popular flavors that will enrich any recipe! Genesis Salt exclusively blends the natural qualities of the Dead Sea with the creative spirit of modern cooking. Available in a sleek container that is equipped with a grinder, Genesis salt’s luxurious line of products offers thirteen unparalleled and popular flavors that are 100 percent natural and packaged without any refining or heating..

With Genesis salt products, every meal is a new adventure, and a delightful experience. Just choose the zest you’ll be adding to your menu today!

All the advantages of the Dead Sea are found within our  products. Derived from 424 meters below sea level, the desert ecosystem provides high quality natural salt that is rich in minerals. Genesis Salt has a deep flavor and is enriched with 21 natural minerals. Our gourmet line of products is highly concentrated, in fact, 10 times higher than competitors and regular table salt.

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